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PostSubject: APLICATION   Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:48 am

age 26,time on l2 -4 years,dex 4x-1 year(syndemon-prophet),wrath 9x 2 years- BaronN(OL,hero status,clans FTE,PH),experience in camping epics for long time,lots of time to play,aviabiliti when clan need to on(siege,epics,war)2 language english,romanian,im form romania bucharest,i use ventrilo or ts( i can without Very Happy),i accept end respect the rules of panic clan,overlord is my favorite char for 3 years end know how to handle a siege eipc or pvp based on overlord party,i like to play in party-ppl not solo(im ovld not to easy to lvl up wihout help)i know what means team play,regretabi i dont heave no friend in your clan but i can be friend of all members. i hope u accept my aplication end wish u all good luck in game (if u need aditonal information about me u can ask if i forgot to post something.Best Regards TheBaronN.

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